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Since 1996, Alpaca Plush has been providing luxury, style and comfort with our premium baby and Royal Alpaca products. 
The height of emotion, beauty and indulgently sumptuous luxury.. Enhancing life, interiors and homes is our passion.

We embrace the beauty and uniqueness of Alpaca, one of the softest and most luxurious textiles in the world and we strive to create pieces with the utmost quality and care.Using special tools, modern sewing methods and only the finest natural materials, Alpaca Plush is a brand that embodies a commitment towards sustainability, ethical conduct and care of the environment.

Hand crafted with 100% humanely acquired, guilt-free premium Alpaca, we bind all layers together resulting in a more solid and durable natural alpaca fur product. Using the latest in tanning technology, we ensure our pieces will last for generations.

The finest alpacas are bred responsibly each year to breed even finer Alpaca with even finer coats. These alpacas are sheared yearly for their fiber. Our producers use the hides of humanely acquired Alpaca fur to make our fur creations. Alpaca Plush closely follows all the laws that prohibit and regulate any mistreatment of Alpacas. Find out more about Alpacas here
About Alpaca

It all started with a trip to South America over 22 years ago. We were looking for a unique business model. Steven had a friend in Ecuador that had informed him about Alpaca fur rugs. Steven instantly fell in love with Alpaca fur and the industry. The Alpaca industry is a heavily regulated industry and considered an Alpaca and animal friendly industry. That trip was a tipping point for Steven. He came home to the United States and started our new Alpaca fur venture right of way. Steven wanted to improve the industry and improve the quality of Alpaca fur being produced. Steven designed all goods for a better offering. We have always designed and built all of our goods with maximum comfort and luxury in mind. Providing not only the finest Alpaca fur goods for the world but everything needed for that product upon purchase. An exclusive and unique luxury brand that is tailored for the affluent individual looking for a unique and exclusive brand. It has been a wonderful 22 years of service and we look forward to many more.

Alpaca Plush was awarded the Butterfly Mark, powered by Positive Luxury, in 2016/2017 in recognition of our commitment to social and environmental sustainability. We use our position as a leading brand to inspire people, partners and customers to respect our planet, and champion products that contribute to healthier, happier communities while minimizing our environmental impact.

rugs, throws and comforters are made to order. Our production time is eight to ten weeks. All products are shipped from and finished in the USA! For more color examples and fur styles information visit our Color and style palette


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Important Note:
No Alpacas that we source our materials from are killed for their fur. There is a prohibition in effect against killing alpacas for their hides: it is illegal, impractical, and immoral to do so. Our producers only use humanely acquired Alpaca hides to make our creations, sourced as a by-product. In Peru, Alpaca is a culinary delicacy, therefore their hides, like cow hides, are a by-product of the demand for alpaca meat. Alpacas are farmed and raised in a manner that encourages long life spans and are sheared annually. The longer they live, the more wool can be shorn from them. The majority of alpacas have died of natural causes, due to the rough living conditions and high altitude of the South American Andean Mountains. It would not be practical or ethical to kill Alpacas simply for their hides. The Alpaca industry is a very well regulated and animal friendly industry. Our producers use the hides of humanely acquired Alpaca to make our fur creations. Alpaca Plush closely follows all the laws that prohibit and regulate any mistreatment of alpacas. 

We can accommodate most any custom size, shape, or design request. We specialize in large fur area rugs and custom sized pieces. We have produced as large as 24' x 24' custom size fur rugs. Custom-made products will require ten to fourteen weeks, depending on the order, the lead-time and delivery. Custom fur rugs, big fur rugs, fur area rugs and furry rugs. We produce white fur rugs, gray fur rugs, grey fur rugs, black fur rugs, pink fur rugs and offer a wealth of colors to choose from.

Indulge your senses and make a statement... Wrap yourself in a fur blanket, fur throw, luxury throw, Alpaca blanket or fur comforter. Imagine running your toes through an Alpaca rug, fur rug, big fur rug, fur area rug, Alpaca fur rug or a large fur rug. We produce fifteen beautiful colors like white fur rugs, gray fur rugs, grey fur rugs, black fur rugs or pink fur rugs. Snuggle up with our Alpaca pillows, fur pillows, fur cushions, accent pillows, throw pillows and hypoallergenic pillows. Come to experience the luxury lifestyle of Alpaca fur from Alpaca Plush.

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