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Alpaca Plush has been providing luxury, style and comfort with our premium baby and Royal Alpaca products for over 20 years. Infusing the height of emotion and beauty. Enhancing life, interiors and homes is our passion.

We embrace the beauty and uniqueness of alpaca, one of the softest and most luxurious textiles in the world and we strive to create Alpaca rugsfur throwsfur comforters and fur pillows with the utmost quality and care. Using special tools, modern sewing methods and only the finest natural materials, Alpaca Plush is a brand that embodies a commitment towards sustainability, ethical conduct and care of the environment.

There are two styles of Alpaca to choose from in our Alpaca furs collection. "Hua" and "Suri" Alpaca. Both styles are available in a wealth of colors and sizes. Please scroll down the page to see close up images and details about each fiber's style.

Both fiber styles infuse the height of emotion, beauty and indulgently sumptuous luxury.

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Hua fur throw, fur comforter

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Hua Alpaca rug, fur rug close up

Our ”Hua" alpaca products has a thicker make up than the Suri, yet just as tactile. This is rich and sumptuous to the touch, bringing a new meaning to luxurious comfort. Hua has a beautiful luster, ensuring an unforgettable addition to its surroundings. Hua is a shorter, thick, dense and silky soft fiber that holds its footprint. Hua is considered the finest fiber and quality.

Our Hua Alpaca products are indulgently sumptuous, perfect for adding an element of elegant warmth to its surroundings. With an unforgettable luster, Hua Alpaca has a dense yet fine fiber make up, a wonderful addition to your home. 

Suri Alpaca fur close up...

Suri Alpaca rug, fur rug close up

Suri Alpaca Fur 2...

Suri Livingroom rug in Pearl White.jpg

Our ”Suri" Alpaca products have a long, silky texture. This fiber keeps an extraordinary amount of air, making it feel light and breezy to the touch. Our Suri pieces reflect light in the most amazing way, creating a beautifully unique aesthetic to your home. Suri has little density and lays down in all directions. Popular for its long, lanky and silky soft fiber, beautiful luster and bright colors. 

Our Suri Alpaca fur rugs, fur throws, fur comforters and fur pillows have an undeniable impact to their surroundings. Suri fibers being long and fine. These rugs are truly beautiful additions to your interiors.

Both fiber styles infuse the height of emotion, beauty and indulgently sumptuous luxury. Indulge your senses with a whole new concept of luxury and comfort with a fur rugfur throwfur comforter or fur pillows. Come experience the beauty and comfort of Alpaca. 

Hand crafted with 100% humanely acquired, guilt-free premium alpaca, we bind all layers together resulting in a more solid and durable natural alpaca fur product. Using the latest in tanning technology, we ensure our pieces will last for generations. 

We can accommodate most any custom size, shape, or design request. We specialize in large fur area rugs and custom sized pieces. We have produced as large as 24' x 24' custom size fur rugs. Custom-made products will require ten to fourteen weeks, depending on the order, the lead-time and delivery. Custom fur rugs, big fur rugs, fur area rugs and furry rugs. We produce white fur rugs, gray fur rugs, grey fur rugs, black fur rugs, pink fur rugs and offer a wealth of colors to choose from.

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