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Alpaca Fur Color Palette - Alpaca rugs, Alpaca fur rug, Fur rug, Large area rugs.
Mixed Gray Alpaca fur rug - Alpaca rugs, Alpaca fur rug, Fur rug, Large area rugs.

Alpaca Fur Color Palette - Alpaca rugs, Alpaca fur rug, Fur rug, Large area rugs.
Alpaca Fur Facts:
- Comparable fineness
to cashmere, measures
about 20 to 22 microns.
- Comparable
smoothness to silk
- Strong natural fiber.
Stronger than mohair.
- Three times stronger
than sheepwool.
- Softer than cotton
- Excellent insulating
and thermal qualities
through cellular
structure. Warmer
than goose down or
new synthetic fabrics
like gortex. Seven
times warmer than
- Non-itch,
hypoallergenic do to
the absence of lanolin,
unlike sheep wool.
- Light weight do to
the hollow cellular
- Fade resistant
- Natural oils repel
dirt and dust
- Non-shedding
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Alpaca Plush provides luxury, style and comfort with our premium baby Alpaca Fur. Enhancing life, interiors and homes since 1996. We embrace the beauty and uniqueness of natural materials. Create a unique ambiance for your interiors of luxury, style and blissful comfort with our luxury Alpaca furs. Indulge your senses with a whole new concept of luxury and comfort. Experience the beauty and comfort of Alpaca fur, one of the softest and most luxurious textures in the world.
A deep, luxurious fur pile with a silky luster and beauty that is unmatched. Using special tools, modern sewing methods and only the finest natural materials. Truly the most luxurious and plush Alpaca fur rugs, fur throws, fur bedspreads and plush gifts available in the world today. We pride ourselves on providing the most beautiful and comfortable luxury lines of Alpaca furs available. Pure luxury and comfort! Alpaca plush is a brand that embodies a commitment towards sustainability, ethical conduct and care of the environment. All Alpaca furs are shipped from and finished in the USA!

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Suri Color Collage
Fur Rug. Suri Alpaca Fur Rug in Pearl White.
Alpaca fur is one of the softest fibers that you will ever feel. Our luxurious Alpaca fur rugs, fur bedspreads, fur throws and fur pillows will add a sense of luxury, beauty and style to any home or interior. You will find little else to compare with our Alpaca rugs, fur throws, fur bedspreads and fur pillowsAlpacas produce one of the world's finest and most luxurious natural fibers. Soft as cashmere and seven times warmer, three times stronger than sheep's wool, lighter than any comparable fiber. Our Alpaca rugs, fur throws and fur bedspreads have a luster & beauty that is un-matched. Amazingly soft, Luxurious and Comfortable. Another wonderful quality about Alpaca fur is that it is naturally hypoallergenic and lanolin free, so you can enjoy our Alpaca furs no matter who you are, or who your entertaining.
Fur Rug. Suri Alpaca Fur Rug in Sunset Beige.

Our focus is on providing unique, high quality Alpaca rugs for our customers. We feature incredibly luxurious Alpaca rugs of unrivaled quality. We produce an exquisite selection of Alpaca rugs in many colors, styles and sizes. We have put together a selection of Alpaca rugs that the discerning customer will appreciate. Laying in front of the fireplace, at the foot of the bed, as an area rug or as a decorative piece anywhere in your home, you will enjoy these beautiful alpaca rugs for a lifetime. Hand crafted with 100% humanely acquired, guilt-free premium Alpaca fur. 

Fur Rug. Hua Alpaca Fur Rug in Light Gray.

Our Alpaca rugs are the softest you will ever feel, with a luxurious and plush fur pile depth of two to three inches deep. All Alpaca rugs come with our signature plush layer of cushion and woven wool backing adding even more luxury and comfort to to our Alpaca fur rug collection. We use a High-quality sewing method, using special manufacturing tools, guaranteeing top quality of the highest standards. Binding all layers together resulting in a more solid and durable natural alpaca rug. Using the latest in tanning technology, we ensure our Alpaca furs will last a lifetime. Each Alpaca rug purchase comes with our custom cut eco-cushion organic non-slip rug pad. Our eco-cushion pad is safe for all flooring and adds even more plush comfort and safety for you and yours. Our luxurious baby Alpaca rugs are of unrivaled quality. Our premium lines measuring 22 microns or less(Considered Royal Alpaca Fiber). The finest Alpaca fur rugs and interior decor! Only at Alpaca Plush,! 

Fur Rug. Hua Alpaca Fur Rug in Pearl White.

There are two styles of Alpaca fur to choose from in our Alpaca rug collection. "Suri" and "Hua" Alpaca fur. Both styles are available in a wealth of colors and sizes.  All Alpaca rugs come with our signature plush layer of cushion and woven wool backing adding even more comfort and luxury to to our Alpaca fur rug collection. Custom made alpaca rugs are our trademark. All Alpaca rugs are made to order. Our production time is six to ten weeks. For more color examples and fur styles information visit our

Alpaca fur color and style palette page.

Fur Rug. Hua Alpaca Fur Rug in Medium Taupe.

Slight imperfections and differences in color and shade are part of the
unique natural style of Alpaca fur. This ensures always the most natural and
beautiful appearance of the fur, even in dyed colors.

Fur Rug. Suri Alpaca Fur Rug in Onyx Black.

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