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Alpaca fur color palette - Luxury Alpaca rug, Fur rug, Big fur rug, Fur blanket, Fur comforter.
Alpaca Fur Facts:
- Comparable fineness
to cashmere, measures
about 20 to 22 microns.
- Comparable
smoothness to silk.
- Strong natural fiber.
Stronger than mohair.
- Three times stronger
than sheepwool.
- Softer than cotton.
- Excellent insulating
and thermal qualities
through cellular
structure. Warmer
than goose down or
new synthetic fabrics
like gortex. Seven
times warmer than
- Non-itch,
hypoallergenic due to
the absence of lanolin,
unlike sheep wool.
- Light weight due to
the hollow cellular
- Fade resistant.
- Natural oils repel
dirt and dust.
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Awarded "Best in Luxury" and "Best of Whitefish" 2016 & 2017...
Alpaca Plush Banner - Luxury Alpaca rug, fur rug, big fur rug, large area rug, fur blanket, fur comforter.
"Some Of The Greatest" by Hamptons Magazine
Alpaca Plush has been providing luxury, style and comfort with our premium baby and Royal Alpaca products for over 20 years. Enhancing life, interiors and homes since 1996.

We embrace the beauty and uniqueness of alpaca, one of the softest and most luxurious textiles in the world and we strive to create Alpaca rugs, fur throws, fur comforters and fur pillows with the utmost quality and care. Using special tools, modern sewing methods and only the finest natural materials, Alpaca Plush is a brand that embodies a commitment towards sustainability, ethical conduct and care of the environment.
Suri Color Collage. Luxury Alpaca rug, Fur rug, Big fur rug, Large area rug, Fur blanket, Fur comforter.
Alpaca Rug, Fur Rug. Hua Alpaca Fur in Light Gray.
Indulge your senses with a whole new concept of luxury and comfort with an Alpaca rug, fur throw, fur comforter or fur pillows. Come experience the beauty and comfort of Alpaca. 
Alpaca is one of the softest fibers that you will ever feel. Alpaca's unique hollow fiber is incredibly lightweight and warm. Second only to silk for strength, Alpaca is comparable to the luxurious softness of cashmere yet more durable and far more hard wearing than both.
Hua and Suri fur close up with Positive Luxury and Best of Whitefish awards.

Our luxurious Alpaca rugs, fur throws, fur comforters and fur pillows will add a sense of luxury, beauty and style to any home or interior. Soft as cashmere and seven times warmer. Stronger and lighter than any comparable fiber. Our Alpaca products have a luster and beauty that is un-matched. Amazingly soft, Luxurious and Comfortable. Another wonderful quality about Alpaca is that it is naturally hypoallergenic and lanolin free, so you can enjoy our Alpaca furs no matter who you are, or who you are entertaining.
Our focus is on providing unique, high quality
 Alpaca rugs, fur throws, fur comforters and Alpaca gifts for our customers. We feature incredibly luxurious Alpaca of unrivaled quality. We produce an exquisite selection of fur rugs, fur throws and fur comforters in many colors and sizes. We have put together a selection of Alpaca products that the discerning customer will appreciate.

Suri Fur Comforter with Positive Luxury award. Fur comforter.

Hand crafted with 100% humanely acquired, guilt-free premium alpaca, we bind all layers together resulting in a more solid and durable natural alpaca fur product. Using the latest in tanning technology, we ensure our pieces will last for generations.
All fur rugs, fur throws and fur comforters are made to order. All Alpaca Plush products are finished in the USA and come with our custom made linen storage bag. Production takes approximately 8-10 weeks.

Alpaca Pillow, Fur Pillows. Suri Alpaca Fur in Pearl White
There are two styles of Alpaca to choose from in our Alpaca furs collection. "Hua" and "Suri" Alpaca. Both styles are available in a wealth of colors and sizes.

Our ”Hua" alpaca products has a thicker make up than the Suri, yet just as tactile. This is rich and sumptuous to the touch, bringing a new meaning to luxurious comfort. Hua has a beautiful luster, ensuring an unforgettable addition to its surroundings. Hua is a thick and dense fiber that holds its footprint. 
Hua is considered the finest fiber and quality.

Our ”Suri" Alpaca products have a long, silky texture. This fiber keeps an extraordinary amount of air, making it feel light and breezy to the touch. Our Suri pieces reflect light in the most amazing way, creating a beautifully unique aesthetic to your home. Suri has little density
and lays down in all directions.

For more color examples and fur styles information visit our Alpaca color and style palette page.

Important Note:
No Alpacas that we source our materials from are killed for their fur. There is a prohibition in effect against killing alpacas for their hides: it is illegal, impractical, and immoral to do so. Our producers only use humanely acquired Alpaca hides to make our creations, sourced as a by-product. In Peru, Alpaca is a culinary delicacy, therefore their hides, like cow hides, are a by-product of the demand for alpaca meat. Alpacas are farmed and raised in a manner that encourages long life spans and are sheared annually. The longer they live, the more wool can be shorn from them. The majority of alpacas have died of natural causes, due to the rough living conditions and high altitude of the South American Andean Mountains. It would not be practical or ethical to kill Alpacas simply for their hides. The Alpaca industry is a very well regulated and animal friendly industry. Our producers use the hides of humanely acquired Alpaca to make our fur creations. Alpaca Plush closely follows all the laws that prohibit and regulate any mistreatment of alpacas. 

Luxurious premium Alpaca rug, fur rug, white fur rug, gray fur rug, black fur rugbig fur rugs, animal skin rugs, large area rug, fur throw, fur blanket, fur comforter and fur pillows.

Please don't hesitate to
contact us with any questions you may have.

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100% Natural Product Guarantee. Luxury Alpaca rug, Fur rug, Big fur rug, Fur blanket, Fur comforter.
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Alpaca rug, fur rug, big fur rug, large area rugs, animal skin rugs,
white fur rug, fur throw, fur blanket, fur comforter and fur pillows.
Alpaca Plush logo - Luxurious premium Alpaca rug, fur rug, white fur rug, gray fur rug, black fur rug, big fur rugs, animal skin rugs, large area rug, fur throw, fur blanket, fur comforter and fur pillows.

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alpaca rug, fur rug, big fur rug, large area rug, animal skin rugs, fur blanket, fur throw, white fur rug, Gray fur rug, black fur rug,
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