Hua Alpaca Fur Single Size Bedspreads, 6' x 6' - 180 x 180 cm
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Hua Alpaca Fur Single Size Bedspreads, 6' x 6' - 180 x 180 cm

Hua Alpaca Fur Single Size Bedspreads, 6' x 6' - 180 x 180 cm
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These gorgeous Hua Alpaca fur bedspreads/Comforters measure 6' x 6' - 180 x 180 cm in size. 

Our Hua Alpaca bedspreads/comforters are indulgently sumptuous, perfect for adding an element of elegant warmth to its surroundings. With an unforgettable luster, these fur bedspreads/comforters have a dense yet fine fiber make up, a wonderful addition to your home.

Our Alpaca bedspreads/comforters are insatiably soft, with a luxurious pile depth of two to three inches deep. Our premium lines measuring 22 microns or less, known as Royal Alpaca. We use a High-quality sewing method, using special manufacturing tools, guaranteeing top quality of the highest standards. Binding all layers together, resulting in a more solid and durable natural alpaca product. Using the latest in tanning technology, we ensure our Alpaca furs will last a lifetime.
All Alpaca Plush products are finished in the USA. All Alpaca bedspreads/comforters are made with our silky soft, woven Alpaca fiber backing. Each Alpaca bedspread/comforter purchase comes with our custom made linen storage bag which protects and allows your fur to breathe while being stored. Production takes approximately 8-10 weeks.
Slight imperfections and differences in the color and shade are part of unique natural style of Alpaca fiber. This ensures the most natural and beautiful appearance, even with dyed colors.

Hua Alpaca Fur bedspreads
Single Size - 6' x 6' - 180 x 180 cm

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