Alpaca Fur Facts:
- Comparable fineness
to cashmere, measures
about 20 to 22 microns.
- Comparable
smoothness to silk
- Strong natural fiber.
Stronger than mohair.
- Three times stronger
than sheepwool.
- Softer than cotton
- Excellent insulating
and thermal qualities
through cellular
structure. Warmer
than goose down or
new synthetic fabrics
like gortex. Seven
times warmer than
- Non-itch,
hypoallergenic do to
the absence of lanolin,
unlike sheep wool.
- Light weight do to
the hollow cellular
- Fade resistant
- Natural oils repel
dirt and dust
- Non-shedding


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Care and Cleaning

Alpaca fur is one of the easiest fibers to maintain and keep clean. The furs natural oils repel dust and dirt, so a gentle run of a vacuum nozzle and a brush with a hair brush to maintain will do.

Use a tight bristled tangle brush or a ball-end plastic bristle hair brush to lightly brush through. Also, using a pet "slicker" brush works well to pick up particles and objects stuck in the fur and gives a nice thorough brushing. Gentle strokes while brushing. Do not roughly brush, especially with a pet slicker brush. Use only these styles of brushes to brush.

All Alpaca Plush products come with a linen bag, which allows the fiber to breathe and wicks away moisture during storage. Avoid direct sunlight and store it in a cool, airy place. Avoid using plastic bags.

Alpaca is not machine washable. We suggest all Alpaca Plush products are taken to a professional dry cleaners to be cleaned. Reminding them no liquid, light steam to clean. For spills or spot cleaning, first cover lightly the spill with talcum powder or baby powder. Allow to soak up spill and then vacuum up powder with the accessory nozzle of your vacuum. Never run a vacuum head over a rug like you would a carpet. Try not to get leather hide wet, only wipe fur. We recommend using a natural dry cleaner, using a light steam clean and avoiding liquids. A light brush after the cleaners will leave your product as luscious as the day it arrived.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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