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Yaku Baby Alpaca Teddy Bear, Beige
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Plush Alpaca Fur Teddy Bears From Alpaca Plush

We are all about creating joy and comfort through natural materials in homes, interiors, life. We value uniqueness and presence of divine feelings. We treasure individuality and the beauty of simple pleasures. Just like the touch of an alpaca fur becoming alive in Your home or interior where You value quality and sublime comfort.

Alpaca fur is the softest fiber that you will ever feel. You will find little else to compare with Alpaca fur bears. Alpaca fur has a luster & beauty that is un-matched. It is Amazingly soft, Luxurious, & Comfortable. Another wonderful quality about Alpaca fur is that it is naturally hypoallergenic and lanolin free. Our Alpaca Plush toys & bears make wonderful gifts for all ages. As a first teddy bear, on the sofa or as a bed teddy, they will be cherished & adored for generations. Hand made in Germany.

Baby Suri Teddy Bear Group

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Buy One, Donate One
For every Alpaca teddy bear sold we donate an Alpaca teddy bear to Childrens Hospitals of America. Within the next five years we hope to deliver Alpaca teddy bears and woven Alpaca blankets to all the Childrens Hospitals of America.  It is a Hefty goal, so thank you in advance for your Alpaca teddy bear purchase. We hope to have enough teddy bears to start delivering by the end of 2014 or Spring of 2015.
Check back soon and we will have the Alpaca throws donation page finished.

Baby Suri & Baby Hua Alpaca Fur Luxurious Teddy Bears

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